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I downvoted you, and here's why:

I specced out a new laptop for work recently; it's a MSI PE60 6QE-031US. Intel Skylake i7-6700-HQ, 8GB RAM (too little, unfortunately; maybe I can upgrade in a couple of years), Intel something-or-other graphics *and* Nvidia GTX 960M (Optimus graphics, so I'm stuck with the Intel video when booted into Debian), matte 1920x1080 display. Really, other than the RAM (I was given a hard limit of $1200 for this machine (as opposed to my supervisor's favored supervisoree; he's probably going to get a Macbook Pro with lesser specs and 2x the cost), so I stepped down from 16GB RAM to 8 in order to get the 250GB Samsung 850 Pro EVO SSD; HUGE MISTAKE!) this is a really nice computer. It came with Windows 10, and I put Debian 8 on it because that's what I use at work; Windows is on a second partition because I also like to play video games, and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes looks *really nice* with the graphics turned *all the way up* (yes, I have a bit of a backlog). Anyway, what I'm saying is I'm coming up on 20 years of using a Linux distribution in anger (Debian Slink, then Redhat 6.2, then back to Debian from then out) and *as long as you don't want to play video games* you should just put up or shut up about moving away from Windows. There's not even a good reason to do so; any computer you don't assemble yourself is going to come with a valid Windows license. Bill Gates doesn't care if you use Windows or not. Satya Nadella doesn't, really, either. Put VirtualBox on it for using Windows from your choice of Linux distributions; it's easy to learn, and a valid license of Windows you could put on it costs $200 on the expensive side. Threatening Microsoft (in the comments section of ElReg, ha!) that you're going to stop paying them does nobody any good.

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