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No, it won't 'cover your needs' unless your needs fit exactly what Mint provides. Charles wants to run modern games. The best PC gaming platform is Windows, full stop, end of story. If you're happy running games that are over four years old, Linux may be a realistic option.

I have to agree. I'm not personally interested in PC gaming. I rarely - as in "perhaps once or twice a year" - play games on a PC, and when I do they're old games, and my guess is that they'd run fine under various Linux-hosted solutions. But clearly the newest PC games from the major studios are mostly or entirely Windows-only. If that's what someone wants, that's what they need.

Now, while I currently run Win7 on my personal laptop - because Linux runs fine in a VM and so I haven't had any reason to go through the trouble of changing the host OS - that's going to change when I'm finally forced to upgrade the host OS or get a new machine. All this Win10 GWX bullshit has reignited the intense dislike I felt for Microsoft in the '90s. They earned a measure of goodwill from me over the last 15 years for SDL and some other genuine efforts to improve things, but they've squandered that and more with their hard-sell and spying.

So in a year or two it'll just come down to choosing a Linux distribution, unless I'm feeling whimsical and go with OpenBSD instead. I used to do BSD kernel development back in the 4.3 days, so nostalgia and an instinctive hatred of systemd might drive me in that direction. On the other hand, I might go with OpenSUSE for solidarity, now that we work for the same company. Decisions...

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