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No, it won't 'cover your needs' unless your needs fit exactly what Mint provides. Charles wants to run modern games. The best PC gaming platform is Windows, full stop, end of story. If you're happy running games that are over four years old, Linux may be a realistic option.

If you're using a copy of Windows 7, then you do need Windows software, and the native solutions (even with a translation layer like WINE) are not enough. Resorting to Windows software is continuing to support that platform, and not moving Linux further forward.

I find it quite amusing that people are down voting posts for stating facts. This can't be argued with : Linux does not support DirectX 11 in any sensible fashion. Not in Crossover/WINE, not in VirtualBox, and not in VMWare. Battlefield 3, a four year old DirectX 11 game, appears not to run.

Also, you're out of date. Virtualbox looks like it's limited to DirectX 9. VMWare is up to DirectX 10. If all your games are DirectX 9 based, you're potentially only running games earlier than 2006 - seriously?

It's great that Linux game support is an awful lot better than it used to be, but until native games, or games that work 100% in crossover/WINE on release are the norm, Windows is going to be the better platform.

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