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Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging

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Anonymous Coward

Microsoft is wearing out their trust with me.

You must have been damn faithful then. My trust wandered off into the sunset many, many years ago, but that had mainly to do with what they were doing to education and government, and especially HOW they were doing it. I don't like people lying to me in any way, shape or form, and when dealing with MS reps discussing Microsoft with anyone in a position of authority I discovered it's easy to work out when they're lying.

It's every time they speak or communicate.

Ending the use of Microsoft products is not easy, it's about as hard as completely abandoning facebook or giving up on smoking, alcohol or crack (allegedly, not a user myself), and every day you'll have to face other people who don't even realise they're addicted and what life will have in store for them if they go on like this. But there is hope. It can be done.

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