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Weasel words

from the Wicked Witch. I'd actually like to call her something else, but it's so offensive it even offends me.

Dido I don't believe you. If you told me night was day, I still would look outside to check.

My contract is up with TittleTattle and I'm moving to BT - it's actually not even any more expensive, except I get a 40GB cap - I can live with that.

I had my details stolen and talk talk lied to me by omission, if not outright (which they probably would have should I have wasted my time to spend 8 hours on the phone to the Phillipines just to be cut off, again).

They really are an insufferable bunch of pricks, and next year I'm voting with my feet.

[God it must be bad - happy to go to BT - but still I really have to kick these jokers where it hurts]

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