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Ha. Good one!

I used that 'It's not me, it's you' Dear John a little while back on this very subject. It's apt and to the point.

Next year I'm getting deeper into Linux. I only installed it a few years ago (Mint 10 Julia) and fell in love. I tinkered and toyed with it installing different flavours including LMDE and LTS versions, setting up dual boot in the process. I bought a copy of BootIt Bare Metal - TeraByte Unlimited (not affiliated so please don't accuse me of spamming) that I have yet to use in anger (used bootit ng years ago and it worked fine), but in anger it _will_ be used in 2016. Bare Metal is a super duper partition manager or should I say boot manager for easily selecting which OS you want to run at boot time.

I have to keep a copy of win7 on my machine(s) as I have thousands of pounds worth of (legit) audio software that will not run in any other os but Mac (only sometimes). But as I said on my last rant on this very subject, I will freeze my system and clone the drive and that will be that.

That will have implications for future software purchases though, as it will mean some future software will not run due to api changes and whatnot (you know what I mean about them fixing things that aren't broken, yet). So the only thing I can do is keep on making constant 'freezes' certainly at least every single god damned time I install a new piece of software that may or may not bork the whole system, just so I can roll back in case it does.

So congrats microshaft, you just went and screwed the small developers who make a meagre living developing for your OS. The point will come, when a certain api change means the system will break. I will then have to revert and see if I can get my money back from the software I bought. Once burned that will be the end of the road. Not my decision, but like has been mentioned, 'it's not me, it's you'.

I'm ok with this actually as I already have so much audio software I still haven't had time to install it, and what I have I haven't used, or used maybe once or twice. So it will all work out for the best, for both of us eventually. Well, actually, better for me and worse for you, as I won't be running a machine connected to the net. I just built a new DAW and that has internet capability but is not plugged in and constant clones are being made as I add new audio softs. So I will then be totally free from your clutches. You will physically not be able to spy on me any more you low life duplicitous pieces of shit. Simple as.

I won't surf the net with microsoft, I will use whatever flavour of Mint I decide to. I do graphics as well as audio and you know what, doing graphics is a joy in Linux for me at least, for free as well. I also prefer to use Linux for web development (LAMP), so you won't catch me there either. Audio is the only place you have me locked down. I'll give you that, as unintentional as I am sure it is. You don't give a damn about audio users and have broken win10 for many of them. Sure there are the idiots that brag on gearslutz 'eh dude I always run the latest microshit os you're just a hater dude' - but I'll leave them to it.

Audio driver software is notoriously low level and random. I had my entire boot sequence wiped out by ASIO multi-client drivers and had to restore grub which did more harm than good. I still get a device not found after a whole fucking week of sorting it (it finds it eventually) and I will sort it out but it might take me another week. And you think I want to buy into this by choice?

Anyway, game over. All of this is academic, as, as others have pointed out, if you rape my system and my personal life, there will be consequences. I am going to call you criminal from now on. And like I said before, if you find me at a party, don't try to impress me by telling me you work for microshat as I will tell you to fuck off.

I will also make a point of not using any of your OS on any machines I do for friends and family. My folks are still running winXP, and when the computer finally blows up or gets taken down by a virus, it will be MINT I put on there.

And I'm ok with that too, and so will they be, because it will be such a pita and paradigm shift that Mint will seem more like windows than windows X does by now. Irony, irony, they've all got it.. wait that's not the one, never mind...

I will run whatever legacy software they need via Virtual Box and a winxp image. It's not audio so drivers shouldn't be an issue. Some of the games might have to go, but hey ho, as has already been mentioned, nothing lasts forever.

It WAS fun, but Dear John, it really is over now, and if you contact me again, I will take out that restraining order on you. Should have done it years ago.

As someone said in a film some time ago, I think, 'This time it's personal'.

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