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Dear microsoft

Dear MS. Over the past 25+ years we've had lots of good and bad times together. With DOS, you helped me do things I never could have done without the aid of a large mini or small mainframe. You've helped me conquer worlds, destroy aliens and entertained me for months at a time. But alas, all good things come to an end. MS, it's not me, it's you. I've come to expect a certain level of stability on my machine and I'm also quite protective of my data, so I won't be needing access to your cloud, nor will I be in need updates being shoved down to my machines, whether I need them or not, nor will I shed a tear at all of the gigs, if not terabytes, of space I get back from deleting all of the original files the patches supposedly fixed.

Through the years you gave me access to some fairly decent tools for me to manage, operate, manipulate and compute data, in ways I not thought possible, but after Vista, Windows 8 and now 10, I've come to realize I don't need you telling me how to and where to keep my data nor do I feel the need to help you recover billions of lost revenue, by trying to make up for losses caused by your inability keep up with Google or facebook. It's bad enough you've completely gouged me over the years but for you to turn around and tell me I can have an OS for "free" but then turn around and whore me and my data out to advertisers? I have a problem with that. Call it an irreconcilable difference.

So, for now, we need to go our separate ways until you get your collective heads out of your asses and realize that it's not my data that's the commodity, your products are. So, so long, it's been real and shoot me an email when you get a CEO who isn't an asshole and actually listens to his customer base.

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