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"Have a look at SteamOS, it's now working great. Spent the night playing games on it (with a steam controller) ..."

In case you haven't read, I've been to Linux and back. And the Steam on Linux catalog pales compared to that of the original Steam on Windows catalog. Too many titles even now are Windows-only. I just recently checked their popular sellers list. Of all 207 on that list, there were about 62 that were on Linux. Of them, 2 were dev kits, 2 were Valve accessories (the Steam Controller and Steam Link), 1 was a video, and all but 2 or 3 of the rest were indie games. No headliners like Fallout 4 from big-name companies. This includes companies like Square Enix who develop for the PS4 and therefore should have some experience with working with a Linux target, yet not a peep from them. Most of my current collection are Windows only and likely will be staying that way for a long time. So you know what, until that changes, Steam on Linux can take a hike,

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