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"Win10 being rubbish and to be avoided, to the point that some people are wanting to go back to the good ol' days of XP. As I said, it's a non-tech forum, but it does go to show what happens when you fail to get the message across properly."

It seems those non-tech people are indeed getting the message. Microsoft are desperate to get as many as are going to running Win 10 ASAP so they can start screwing money out of them. Windows10 is NOT FREE, Windows 10 will be the most expensive Windows ever - probably about £6 a month.

Not like the plan is even secret - just the detail of how, how much, and when. Bait and switch and so many are/have taken the bait despite things like the windows update farce looking like an enormous neon sign with BAIT written on it.

If you are running windows 10 you are a fool. Microsoft asked you to bend over and you said yes please and thank you.

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