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Not evil, J J Carter, just stupid. Really, really fucking stupid. Are you incapable of understanding that having all of your mobile data allowance and all of your remaining FW allowance used up to push seven redundant copies of W10 is annoying? In the extreme. Being shaped to 256 Kb/s when you're used to 10 Gb/s means not just no streaming video, but even Internet radio becomes unusable.

Yes, MS can do this and having done so seven times seems almost certain to repeat the stupidity. The only rational solution is to jump ship and I'm glad I did. So I'm grateful to MS which is about as far from calling MS et alia "evil" as can be.

I'm also grateful that I was one of the first MS Certified Professionals on the planet (before the Certs became bastardised) and one of the first to receive MS Cert training via the Internet. But none of this means I have to put up with stupidity on any scale. Bob Heinlein once wrote: "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity". Sadly, in MS's case I did, but never again.

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