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Interesting, as 13 installs I have seen so far:

1 - I did, as I need to get pro and windows 7 anytime is dead

1 - upgraded accidentally, was confused but missed the 31 day revert deadline so we binned the machine and replaced it with a new windows 7 one. He's 90 and windows 7 will likely outlive him.

1 - upgraded and died, requiring reinstall

3 - upgraded and so slow I had to crawl through the revert option which took hours. Think 2 minutes for the start menu.

6 - upgraded accidentally and wanted to know how to make it go back to how it was, as either something didn't work (printers) or something had vanished (anyone using windows live mail will not enjoy having it all vanish)

1 - I upgraded a crappy tablet which required clearing all my stuff off its tiny 32gb c drive and it seems to mostly work apart from headphone jack detection is really unreliable and I can't "play to" my network media devices any more. Which is really all I use the tablet for.

So, not a fan.

I have yet to meet someone

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