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i am the developer in a gps tracking company. Most of the gps tracking systems work using an embedded GSM module, which means you can call the tracker using your cellphone and receive a sms with the current position and speed of your vehicle. Sometimes clients want to know if the driver has a hitchiker in the cabin, thus the microphone capability. However, The microphone is not embedded into the device, it is a separate accessory.

Actually gps tracking systems are pretty weakly secured, pretty much any gps tracking devices i have worked with had no security whatsoever enabled. Its not that it doesnt have the capability, its just that nobody takes the time to configure the tracker correctly. Same goes for the servers. They pretty much accept anything they receive trough an specified tcp or udp port, try to extract position and then save the whole string of data as-is onto a database, which leaves them wide open for sql injections

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