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"Page and Worstall contributed quite a bit of original content, but both authors were rather "controversial"."

I didn't find Worstall controversial; he writes a lot of good sense. But I did feel that from the point of view of the general reader of El Reg (among whom I count myself) he had probably about written himself out. We all only have a certain number of ideas sufficiently interesting or original to try on other people.

Page also I thought had about run through his gamut. The truth is on climate change perhaps that it is now 1915 and both sides of the commentariat are in their trenches; there are local battles going on which make little difference to the overall position, little skirmishes between scouting parties and the occasional artillery bombardment of patches of mud. What is happening in the rest of the world passes them by. It simply isn't interesting to most people. The big issues are now IT issues, security, technology change, spying, malware and storage and they really aren't that sexy for most people.

Perhaps we are now in a post-IT world, or perhaps I've just had too much dinner.

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