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Spooky Grand Master Class Masterclasses for Great Game Prose Professionals*

Indeed, one of our IT execs shared a new technique of “managing by Gitub”, looking at comments on the code commits.

Round other tables and circles, and El Reg could easily be such a vaunted vault, are real virtual worlds management techniques shared, looking at code in comments submitted.

And there is certainly a hierarchy of levels of deep and dark web understanding which supernaturally separates and effectively identifies and classifies the haves and the have nots in respective and relative fields of entangling engagement and quantum communication, where a this can be a that and something else quite different and novel altogether, and designedly thoroughly disruptive right through to its every core too.

The top secret for unbridled success and future leading progression is delivered in the right free choice in making IT a masterful tool of creation or destruction, good or evil, and here be a timely treatise on the matter …….. The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work

Enjoy. :-) Steganography Reigns with Poe’s Law Rules ‽ . :-)

* Would you choose to deny that Shared Words Create Command and Control Worlds, with some being constructive, and too many propagated on and hosted in media, destructive. But then Man is not the sharpest tool in the box, is he? And the mainstream and media moguls have a lot to answer for too then, methinks, with their editorial support and constant leading of folk down the garden path to nowhere special and enlightening and delightful.


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