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50c buys you someone else's password for Netflix, Spotify or ...

Mr Anonymous

"Fucking lucky our commentard accounts on el reg are secure then. Nothin' worse than sending passwords in plaintext. An SSL cert is $10, you cunts. I'll help you install the fucking thing if it's a problem"

The Reg is on Cloudflare, SSL is included free, there's something else going on here.

$ nslookup

Server: a.b.c.d

Address: a.b.c.d#53

Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =



$ whois


# ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use

# available at:


# If you see inaccuracies in the results, please report at




# The following results may also be obtained via:



NetRange: -



NetHandle: NET-104-16-0-0-1

Parent: NET104 (NET-104-0-0-0-0)

NetType: Direct Assignment

OriginAS: AS13335

Organization: CloudFlare, Inc. (CLOUD14)

RegDate: 2014-03-28

Updated: 2015-10-01



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