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My friend has a Jura bean-to-cup machine... it can be set to warm up at a certain time - though this only takes a minute anyhows - and can be set to turn off x minutes after the last cup. It also tells the user when it wants de-scaling. It's an enviable bit of kit, but it doesn't grow, harvest or roast your coffee for you, so I'll only give it 3/5.

My old man uses an IR-controlled (on/off) plug adaptor, bought from Lidl, so he can turn his Roberts radio on and off without reaching over from the kitchen table. If he just bought a micro-'hi-fi' system, he would have on/off as well as volume up / down and Radio 3 / 4.

Currently trying to guide him through Spotify.... the set he's found for himself is to have Spotify on a laptop to 3.5mm cable into his Brennan, and uses the Spotty client on his Nexus 5 to control the laptop. Managed to stop him making 500+ tracks available offline on his phone.

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