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Lights, power, action! Smartplugs with a twist

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Would tend to agree, although I'm not sure modern UK legislation would allow it? I have a recollection (which may be wrong I freely admit) that plugs these days have to be the moulded type that are part of the cable, rather than the older "wired on" type that you could disconnect if needed. Hence you're not going to be able to replace the plug, at least without chopping the old plug off and stripping the wires back (if aforementioned rules allowed in this elf and safety world).

To be honest I can't recall a recent electrical purchase which didn't include such a moulded plug arriving on the end of the cable. Indeed it has caused a couple of annoyances when I've wanted to feed the cable through a small gap/hole and not been able to as the plug and connectors at both ends were too large, even if the cable diameter itself would have been fine.

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