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Dr. Mouse

Re: Duhfish So when the police break the law, it's called 'being reckless'.

The only way - the only way - to ensure that these laws are not misused is to write the laws to specifically restrict what is and is not allowed and under what circumstances and with what authorisation and to clearly lay down that actions that fall outside of those specific criteria are breaches of the law.

Exactly! Have an upvote!

Many of us have been arguing this for a long time. If a law is written to help combat terrorism or find paedophiles the powers that be should specifically restrict the powers to that use in the law. If they don't, we get abuses like this and many more. Of course, the police can still abuse them, but they would be breaking the law if they could not justify their use under the strict restrictions within the law.

Writing these laws with no (or so few) restrictions on their use is practically encouraging their use outside their stated purpose. It leads to public suspicion or the police, the politicians who approved the law, and the legal system in general.

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