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Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings

Steven Roper

Re: "we will restore those settings"

" It will take a major security breach to wake people up."

No it won't. J. Q. Public isn't concerned about security other than protecting their credit card numbers.

What WILL wake people up is Microsoft's Ransom-as-a-Service rentism business model. When people suddenly become aware that it's costing them a bomb to run their comuters each month and wonder where all the money's going, that's when they'll wake up and realise they've been diddled.

I don't think an exodus to Linux will happen straight away. But I think it will gradually gather momentum once the rentism kicks in and people start looking for ways to cut costs and get their files back without having to pay the monthly ransom to continue working with them.

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