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How About The Whistleblower

Should the whistle blower be sought out, should they be rewarded with early retirement and a massive pension as a reward. This investigation pretty much demonstrated the threat the whistle blower was under, that active psychopath conspiracy to hunt them done and what kill them in the line of service.

So how about at least an investigation into what the conspirators intended to do to the police officer who acted according to law, conscience and honour. What had those corrupt law enforcers intended, what where they plotting to do with that information.

How about all those people tarred by association, are they not entitled to recompense, how about that emphatic threat to journalists 'not only will you be targeted as a journalist but also your family and any one associated with you'. Be friends with a journalist and you immediately go on a watch list, now that is a direct attack on journalists, that desire to isolate and control them, so they only report corporate desired propaganda.

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