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IOCCO: Police 'reckless' for using terrorism powers on journo sources

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

I'm so glad we live in a country where everyone obeys the law and those that break it are suitably punished to ensure others don't commit the same offences.

In other news pigs did indeed fly.

What a crock of shit, I mean seriously, how can you break the law in such a disgraceful way displaying exactly why the government wants all these terrorpedageddon powers and all you get is told you shouldn't have done it and you'll make sure it doesn't happen again, promised with fingers crossed behind back.

I think if I get a speeding ticket I'll stand before a judge and explain that I have had it independently reviewed by a friend and yes I should not have been speeding and they have told me that in future I am not to do it by driving at the correct speed lmits. That should sort it no need to issue a fine or points.

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