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Hell no!

For what possible reason?

I already have my properly authenticated TC 7.1a binaries, code and keys. I had them long before the abandonment. The cryptography is (of course) as solid as it has always been, the code has now been scrutinised at length by multiple independent authorities, and all that has ever been discover is a smattering of benign and contextually utterly trivial coding imperfections. As a result of all this FUD, TC 7.1a has been rendered/proven by far the most studied, robust and trustworthy block cryptography application I know of. I really can't imagine any reason arising to even consider moving from TC 7.1a at any point in the foreseeable future.

Anyone who does not already have copies can readily obtain them from and compare them with multiple sources, disseminated widely across the interwebs and the world. There is no longer a single point of failure. At present a search of the signing key's "short fingerprint" (F0D6B1E0) yields 2780 results on Google. Presumably now 2781 ;o)

Just for good measure, here's the key's full spec along with a few of its digests...

pub 1024D/F0D6B1E0 2004-06-06

Key fingerprint = C5F4 BAC4 A7B2 2DB8 B8F8 5538 E3BA 73CA F0D6 B1E0

uid TrueCrypt Foundation <>

uid TrueCrypt Foundation <>

sub 4077g/6B136ECF 2004-06-06

Key fingerprint = EB79 356A 3AFA B492 66A3 322F DCEA 1B7C 6B13 6ECF





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