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Please LazLong. It's not that I can't understand your point, but seriously, the sentence "they will be riding in one of the safest, most reliable spacecraft ever flown." is PR and it's just too early to claim it. Let me give you an example of how we all react. Long ago in a foreign country I heard a good stupid joke, and everybody was laughing, some years later I told that same joke in that same country and surprise, surprise, it wasn't funny at all, and the simple reason was that I, as a foreigner, told that joke. We tend to react that way. Some time ago I happened to look at the F1 Brazil 2007 race:

Very good British referees who know their business very well, but then listen to those very very "sour grapes" when they realize they won't have a British World Championship. First they are pissed off knowing that Massa will most likely let Räikkönen pass him if it helps Räikkönen and then they start to hope for cars to crash in front of Hamilton, who fucked up his race, and then they hope Alonso would suddenly decide to stop driving because, perhaps, he likes Hamilton more than Räikköen. Sour grapes indeed. We are like that even when adult.

As for anti American feelings I would like to point out that I don't think Europeans have invented any by themselves. The USA is an open society that still speaks and argues rather vividly about it's society. Of course if you are American and you criticize the "shining city upon a hill" you have to be anti American and leftist if not communist. You are like that.

Have I been able to clean up between my ears, not so sure, but at least I know where to clean.

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