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Oh don't be so bloody daft!

Most of what ISIS is doing is via big media companies like Twitter and Facebook. Some spotty git doing dictionary attacks on the accounts of other similarly sad religious nitwits' pages is not going to discomfit ISIS in the least, though it will piss the media companies off royally.

The way to shut down ISIS accounts on big media companies' sites is very simple. As most are American, you simply ask the CIA if they could possibly go and have a little chat with the chief executives of these companies. I would expect that the chat would go something like this:

"Ah, good morning ladies and gentlemen, thank you for agreeing to see me so promptly. Now, my superiors tell me that your company seems to be hosting quite a few propaganda sites for various sworn enemies of the United States. As I'm sure you all know, we have quite a few laws forbidding this, and should we suspect that you were not doing your utmost to prevent this abuse we would have no alternative but to investigate.

Now, in order to preserve evidence, our usual means of investigation of these sorts of things is to seize the servers upon which the material is hosted while we check to see what is hosted where; obviously you would have to make alternative arrangements to keep your business running whilst we investigated, but as I say we only do this if there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. So, folks, would you mind awfully just checking to see that our fears are unfounded, before we have to investigate these matters more fully?"

That is how you shut down terrorist propaganda sites.

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