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"It's a bit like American censorship - you can see people getting killed left right and centre but a naked breast or a mild swear word like shit? DEAR GAAAAAAAAAD NO!!!"

No specificity in original demonstrably specious claim.

Point stands, especially as most people these days watch more cable and on-demand programming than broadcast TV, at least in the Metro NY area.

The cultural difference between the UK and America are a fact of life. Gun violence is acceptable. Go to Japan and images that would be considered kiddy-porn in the US, but don't raise an eyebrow there are plastered on billboards. And in the UK they now say "shit" on TV a lot more than they do in the US. So what?

For the record, I've not noticed that the post 90's relaxation on the use of "shit" in UK TV dialog has improved the quality of whatever it is. In fact, it has seemed to make the scriptwriters much lazier in my opinion.

For comedy, I think it's actually MUCH funnier to bleep out cusswords. After all, what could Buster Bluth have possibly said about his mother that was so shocking that the entire family would be struck speechless? Bleep it out and it's funny. Script in a string of the usual suspects and, well, meh, only what you get in any workday when the printer jams.

Indeed, The Young Ones was only as funny as it was because the scriptwriters, hamstrung by 80s BBC censor restrictions went to the other extreme, using childish language (along with the lost art of the side-splitting innuendo that seemed to be second nature in them days) to create the unforgettable Rik and Vivian exchanges that basically made that show happen.

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