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Any disruption of ISIS' online activities will be of some benefit.

Don't be daft. Digital vigilantes will prove as effective as real world vigilantes.

One of the major sources of intelligence on any enemy in this day and age is the digital footprint of that group/country. If the amateurs of Anonymous go round vandalising the digital assets and communications of IS, they merely cause IS to adopt new communications strategies that the professionals have to unravel and then penetrate or monitor. And they will probably even be destroying evidence and usable intelligence in their casual attacks, making the job of the security services even harder (noting that the warrantless mass data scooping by the security services is one particular way they make their own job harder).

If Anonymous want to fight IS, they need to grow up and sign up to their various countries' security services. Competent hackers will be more than welcome, script kiddies less so.

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