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The Edward Snowden guide to practical privacy


I'm not particularly technical and consider myself a user more than anything else. So I was surprised that, with a little searching and common sense, over the last year I've actually come to do all of the things on that list except using Signal.

In my small circle of friends there is nobody as privacy/security conscious as me. Or paranoid as some have said. OMG! Someone has to lift a finger to install a free and easy to use app on their iPhone or Droid! Too much effort. So although I have Signal on my device, nobody else does that I would care to use it with. I've pretty much given up trying to convince them to install it.

One thing not touched on in the article was private browsing, which is the default in Tor but not in other browsers. As Snowden notes above, Tor can be slow compared to other less private browsers. So when not using Tor I only browse using the StartPage search engine, which is the same one defaulted to in Tor.

Also not mentioned is simply being aware of security and privacy oriented news like the EFF web site. And of course The Register.

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