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I expect people who read The Register are also watched. Especially people who comment.

Snowden doctrine suits freedom warriors but doesn't protect your ordinary private life. Vital universal liberty.

It turns out that the government can simply give itself permission to read everything that you send and receive on the Internet - for instance, the British government intends to have (if the prime minister decides that he wants to see it) a list of names and home addresses of anyone who in the last twenty-four hours accessed,,, . No warrant and no reason, just for fun. Or to pass it to a Taxpayers Alliance murder gang to carry out a few hits. (You say that isn't what -they- do, but, how do you know that?)

And it really will be illegal to supply, and presumably to possess, encryption software that the government can't see through.

That's the plan -here-. Try blowing your whistle wiht all that going on.

It must be stopped if possible, I suppose by the government being made to accept and actually abide by rules that properly limit what our governors can know about us and why. Which sounds difficult.

There are more unprincipled regimes around the world, of course. But our lot have a natural inclination to move in that direction.

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