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W. Anderson

Windows PC delusional players

It is my clear understanding from published statements of Samsung that they exited the "PC" marketplace 2 years ago. If the article author knows differently he needs to clarify this.

Acer, along with ASUS and other smaller manufacturers who are beholden to Microsoft for building Windows "PC systems, are delusional and need to seek professional psychological counseling for their addiction to the failing Windows PC sphere.

Acer, in particular were supposedly doing very well with their ChromeBooks sales, but reduced or shuttered this line in order to bring out new Windows 10 notebooks.

Windows mobile accounts for approximately 5% of the total mobile marketplace, compared to Aple iOS and Android/ChromeOS that occupies about 93%, and still growing gbloally. Wndows mobile and PC sales are stagnant at best.

How much more self destructive can these guys get?

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