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Fairly standard for the SNP tbh

The SNP is generally only preferable to the Westminster parties because of how truly awful London politicians are. The party itself is extremely opaque (Alex Salmond in particular has an abysmal record on FOI requests), has a strong tendency to make a lot of left-wing statements but still follow standard free market doctrine for 90% of the economy, and it's internal politics are very antidemocratic - for example, Alex Salmond's hurried re-emergence in 2000ish when it was clear that Nicola Sturgeon couldn't win the leadership contest alone.

Many of the things Nicola Sturgeon was attacking the Westminster crew for back in May were things that her own government was doing independently in Scotland, and I wouldn't be hugely surprised if there's a big swing in Labour's direction over the next few years; the Scots like socialism, and while the SNP talk about it a lot they don't actually seem that keen on practicing it outside of a few headline-grabbers (free Uni tuition, mostly).

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