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Re: The total list price was $3.2m, discounted to $1.25m

Standard storage pricing practice. If your supplier has not explained this to you, your supplier is ripping you off.

The "list" price is the headline figure used in order to be taken seriously against the IBMs and Hitachis of the world and there is never an intention of anyone paying this. If you don't get at least 40% off list you've done something odd. The difference between 40% off and a percentage I won't share with you but which I regularly achieve is how well you know the game. It's an easy game, but one with various rules that any good supplier will know. You, the customer, also need to be a part of this game. Again, if your supplier didn't tell you the rules and how to play the game before you ask for quotes you need to change supplier.

Now, go find a supplier with someone called Anonymous Coward on their books...

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