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No shit Sherlock

The EU bods fall for some half baked idea dreamed up by Google glove puppets and their brainless meat bots that sounds like something the EU should be behind. EU bods start bleating on about Geoblocking as usual without a clue of how the AV markets work and how difficult it is to get a script made into a film and the economics of the multitude of national industries across Europe. EU Bod crap themselves on mass when they discover what a straw man Geoblocking is and how it would fuck up the EU wide film industries.

Cue next "crisis/problem of copyright"..........................

Not unlike the Orphan Works problem that was not so much a problem as a minor issue that could be used to mobilise anti copyright lobby groups. So the UK has an OW scheme which while has many problems (It is run by the IPO nuf said) it requires minimum effort by a prospective user and the payment of a nominal licence fee. It has allowed a number of publishers to cash in but as for the release of all the masses of pent up Orphan Works that will have such a massive impact on internet and mass culture SFA. This is because it is competing with free and anyway that was not the purpose because the purpose is to give the anti copyright walkers a sniff of blood.

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