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"Surely it doesn't have to be that strong or large if it were placed in the correct place between the sun and mars, like a small magnetic lens which simply deflects the trajectories by a smidgeon. "

"Small" in this context is going to be somewhere in size between the Sun and Mars, depending on which it is closest too.

"A tiny angle of deflection would equate to planet sized displacements far away."

Yes, but you're applying your deflection to a cross sectional area of plasma which is bigger than a planet.

"Also using superconductor coils would be my recommendation as opposed to masses of iron as it's bloody cold out there and superconductors love the cold."

There's this big fusion reactor in the middle which is constantly pumping out heat. Your coils will heat up to a temperature roughly between that of Mercury and Mars depending on placement. Out there, the sun shines 24 hours a day. The size of refrigerator needed to get a planet-sized superconducting coil down from a couple of hundred kelvins to a few kelvins is going to be rather large.

"Don't really understand the down votes."

I'm sorry but it has to be said - that's because you don't have a grasp of even basic physics.

"But hey ho, half of all people are less than average intelligence. What is to understand about stupidity?"

You are not supid, but you are uninstructed.

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