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"Media soldered in so impossible to reformat after theft: check"

Ahh they're selling that as a security feature now are they?

No, they don't. But that doesn't make it less true. To be honest, I have not upgraded laptop hardware since somewhere before the year 2000. First of all, I buy higher specs so not "just enough to work", secondly I don't have the time to mess around, thirdly I do not keep a laptop for more than 3 years (which in Apple's case means I get a decent return value).

I would agree with you that if your aim is to upgrade a machine later having it all soldered in is not helpful, but for my use which involves carrying fairly confidential data around it is pretty much perfect. I wish you luck trying to get to VeraCrypt encrypted data stored on a Filevault encrypted partition on a machine you cannot even reboot on another OS. It's also a big "oh f*ck" if the machine fails, but that's what encrypted backups are for. Added bonus is that it is thus more likely someone will try to claim the reward it advertises than to resell it to someone who cannot use for anything but a doorstop..

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