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Last night's nightmare

I dreamed I was a sys admin about to be fired for a mistake beyond my ken that I hadn't anticipated. I was about to be blamed for something that wasn't my fault, and I felt terrified. Then I woke up relieved for moment or two realising it was just a bad dream, induced from reading too many articles here

And then as I woke up I remembered I'd actually been blacklisted for the past fourteen years for no good reason, and yet I'd survived fairly happily since then. Intelligent people always survive anything we used to fear. It's not as bad as we imagine, at worst it's unfair punishment and we are used to that.

My needy, fearful nightmares as a sys admin and higher back then were and are far more scary than the actuality. What is odd is I have faced the worst punishment you fear most, and far, far worse, but when I have anxiety nightmares I still worry subconsciously about daily backups, teenage hackers and commuting traffic jams. Those are life-long soul-killers

Worry less. The best thing they can do you is sack you. You will survive, and might even prosper - but the fear is a constant.

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