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No, but the pointless self-congratulations might.

As for me, this Mac user was appreciative of the decades old messages being used in service of reducing Mac users. I mean if being a niche was a benefit, then by all means counter my positive messages to friends and family recommending OS X. Thank you for looking out for us in the day.

As to flocks being fattened, I thought the first assumption among those who had to change the discussion of Windows 2000/XP non-security into grading on a hypothetical curve was that a Mac owner was an idiot with money. Wouldn't that mean the sheep were already fat?

And all those years of comparing the security gains of Windows in the versions that were never used by 50-75% of the user base as compared with the versions used by 50-60% of the OS X user base that did migrate within a year.

Any way, everything is better than it used to be, most people are compromised or inconvenienced by their governments or uninspiring security at retail and web sites, and the weakest component in the struggle with on-line threats is the user.

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