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Hmm. Let me see.

Firewall: check (built in functionality, default setting)

uBlock, Ghostery and Incognito: check

Patched: check (although I feel left out - Windows people get a lot more of that)

Filevault enabled: check (built in functionality)

Backup encrypted: check (built in functionality)

USB sticks encrypted: check (built in functionality)

Bootup password to stop booting from other media: check.

Prevent loading of plugged in bootroms: patched, check

Media soldered in so impossible to reformat after theft: check

Not permitting unsigned code: check (default setting)

Display showing owner details & reward offer on bootup: check

The only thing that is slightly outside standard is that I use Viscosity VPN, VeraCrypt for portable archives and Vivaldi to confuse the crap out of websites I don't trust, and I use macports to pull in stuff such as nmap. Still, a basic macbook comes with all the tools to bolt the doors firmly shut. There is a way to secure Windows machines as well, but that is both more involved and more costly, so if security is your thing I think Windows is not exactly the best starting point.

As for "not needing any user intervention": if you set upgrades to auto it is indeed pretty OK, also because it defaults to blocking unsigned code.

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