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Nope. There's always been a clear link between the popularity/size of population of an OS, and the amount of malware written for it, almost as soon as we could easily exchange data. So basically since the days of the Floppy Disc. There was stuff that could really mess up Amigas and C64's y'know..

That doesn't seem to correlate with the number of Linux servers out there. Start with the basics: what OS do you still need to build a DMZ for so it doesn't get infected while you're still busy installing it? It's not OSX or Linux. What OS comes by default with the tools to protect yourself? Well, that's again practically any UNIX derived platform. What you're carefully avoiding to mention is which TYPE of malware is prevalent. OSX as well as Linux is (like almost any platform ) as defenceless as Windows against code that is installed via social engineering because that is, after all, what it is supposed to do: trust its user, and the only way that can be addressed is by educating users.

However, OSX is not as exposed to drive-by infections as Windows where simply looking at a website or an email is enough to screw over the system.

I would never claim an OS to be safer over another. Where I distinguish is how much effort and resources I have to put in to keep it clean. From that angle, I'm quite OK with OSX. Is it perfect? No, nothing is. But it's still far easier to keep it clean, and that is a fact no amount of astro turfing can get around.

By the way: I have yet to see any attempt by Linux distros or Apple to ram an OS down my throat as Microsoft has. Or don't you consider it ridiculous that users now have to actively GUARD against an upgrade? Who needs a virus if the manufacturer itself becomes a risk?

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