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MacBooks are so hot right now. And so is Mac OS X malware

Hans 1

So, I remember a few years back, there were less than 10 known threats to OS X, now 1400 or 2000, depending on how you count .... still not in the same league as hundreds of thousands if you go look at MS. So safer, mathematically, of course, however, you are only as safe as your skill allows for.

I find the malware on Windows to get always harder to remove ... mainly due to brain-dead Windows file locking, mostly.... none of that BS on our UnixyWare© stuff (That is my brand, with the y).

Now, I have a few macs at home, spend most of my time on Linux though, macs are for the kids ... I am currently using Windows 8.1 (LOL, the more I know you, the more I hate you) ....

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