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MacBooks are so hot right now. And so is Mac OS X malware

Mondo the Magnificent

It was just a question of time...

I've been a Mac user for over a decade and most traditional "malware" attacks were self inflicted crap like "Mac Defender" which fooled the naive, non-technical and uninformed into installing this crap onto their systems, but times are a changing....

More people I know are switching to Macs because they own iPhones and/or iPads. All of a sudden, having a shiny Mac to compliment their IOS devices has become a trend, as have my after hours calls from our friends who often ask me questions like "how do I do..."

Sadly most newer OS X 'converts' are under the false belief that they are "safer" using a Mac than they are using a Windows system.

As the Mac Pack grows, those who author malware will adapt and try and find ways to exploit OS X systems. Malware has always been a cat and mouse game between OS security and exploitable areas that are unpatched.

The golden rules of common sense apply, never install a .DMG file from an untrusted source and do your security updates...

Hold on a minute, I have reboot, my Mac has just installed Apple's EFI security update...... fuck!

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