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MacBooks are so hot right now. And so is Mac OS X malware


been saying it for decades...

Mac and Linux have been relatively safe because they were niche OS, and had a generally knowledgeable userbase. Windows was , by far, the largest pool to fish in, with a user population who were mostly not IT/security savvy.

With the rise of the internet, the predominant server install was ..Linux.. Often ill-maintained, and as such a nice target for those with ill intentions. People soon learned, and given that web servers are generally maintained by people who have a clue about security, collateral damage could be mostly kept in check.

Then came the Second Coming of Apple... No longer niche, and the preferred toy of mostly clueless idiots who were willing to buy into Bling, and the sense of false security cultivated by the Fanbois, and connected to the Internet...

And the long-fanged black hats licked their chops, for the Flock was fattened, and ripe for Harvest.

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