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I do not like what MS did with Windows 8, but it is way better than 10, if you ask me ... here's why:

The start menu in Windows 10 is less usable than the TKFM or whatever it is called this week of Windows 8, at least in Windows 8 you have more space to place your own apps and, you do not have to go through an alphabetically ordered list full of 99% useless apps ... well you do, but since they are puked all over the screen in multiple columns, you hardly have to scroll.

I have skype for business installed, yet I still have a "Get Skype" item

I have Office 2016 installed, yet I still have a "Get Office" item

Despite what was said in a sarcastic Apple ad, Alarm & Clock are not the most interesting apps on Windows, why are they listed in second spot under all apps, I would expect them under accessories. This is just a silly example, as I said, 99% of what is there should be under folders.

Why is it so that I have opened Word and Powerpoint on the command line at the least 260 times, yet they still do not show up in "Most Used" ????

Why do I have OneNote and OneNote 2016 listed ?

Why, when I search for Word in search bar below, is Wordpad the best app the first time I try, and, without opening Word inbetween, why is Word now at the top of the list?????

What 8 and 10 have in common: I spend a certain amount of time in the beginning unpinning a gazillion apps from the respective "start screen"s and place my own, Windows 8 makes that far easier.

The Windows 2000 menu was by far the best menu.

Now, please tell me ... why ohhh why the FUCK do you store a single start menu for all users ????? Are you f'ing nuts? Windows 2000 had default and user-specific start menus, so did XP.

I seem to remember Windows 95 also had user-specific start menus.

I have to put up with this shit for work and believe me, I have tried very hard to postpone this .... thank Linus I have a Linux box where I spend most of my work time.

Ohhh, and, for some reason, the start screen did not come up through rdp or vmware vcenter client, a reboot fixed that ... as they say, if it don't work, reboot ... just like Win95 ...

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