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Roland, I did you the courtesy of having a debate with you and not a down voting competition.

What worked yesterday isn't necessarily appropriate for today. I grew up on the CLI but it's a thorough pain in the arse and completely inappropriate for modern day to day computing tasks and has been superseded by a GUI which was far from perfect in it's first iteration. Design is often a very Darwinistic approach where you will have several ideas competing however the strongest survive, you must get things wrong to get things right. If a product is crappily designed it will not continue to live.

A design flaw in the DH comet's windows (sadly catastrophic) led to a greater understanding of fatigue cracking and much safer planes that we have today. It probably looked great in the R&D lab but was an unknown until it was actually used.

I objected to to your one sided view to the process, cut designers (and design engineers) some slack and let them make (non fatal) mistakes to get things right.

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