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"Touch on a conventional laptop is shit "

You know, 12 months ago I might have agreed with you. But touch on laptops is pretty solid nowadays. We've been trialing a combination of Win 10 HP Specters and Bootcamped Win 8 Macbooks at work (identical specs for both), and the feedback is extraordinarily one-sided; the users like Win 10 and they like the touch screens, and they strongly dislike the Macbooks (mostly, I suspect, because the antiquated drivers that are provided for Win 8 run the CPU at 70% when idle, randomly close port 80, and generally make them little improvement on the 5-year-old Sony Duos that the Macbooks were intended to replace rather than an inherent problem with the laptop. But you try and teach our 60-year-old Senior Partners to use an OS they've never seen before. Moving from Win 7 to Win 8 nearly killed them; I honestly think the 'close' button being on the wrong side of the window might cause a stroke).

I do think that Win 10's approach to tablet vs desktop is a good balance between the Win 8 model and the desktop-centric approach we actually wanted, but I do see the benefit of a single device that flips between the two. I don't want to pay for both, I want a tablet that can actually do something useful (so no droids or iPads) and I want to be able to flick it into a proper laptop when I need to do some typing or something. I browse a lot of forums in my free time, so being able to go tablet for reading and then flip out a real keyboard if I want to reply or comment is a real boon.

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