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"Users keep voting with their feet on this issue. XP was simple, and a hit. Vista was confusing, and a flop. Windows 7 was simple, and a hit. iPhones are expensive, but simple, so users are willing to pay a premium. Android dominates the market for cheaper devices."


Windows releases since XP have been more like this:


Vista - Radical release (UAC EVERYTHING)

7 - Middle ground (UAC cranked way back)

8/8.1 - Radical release (TOUCH EVERYTHING)

10 - Middle ground (touchscreens are now supported as near equal citizens)

In the meantime, those radical releases often achieved a major goal for Microsoft. UAC being so persistent throughout Vista and nagging users encouraged devs to implement proper security to avoid unnecessarily causing a security prompt and annoying users. The worst programming practices were appropriately discouraged through this change. Touchscreen first interfaces in 8 meant that all future Windows laptops will be loathe not to include that feature (something even Macs lack today). Microsoft ensures their partners' fleet of hardware will be ready for the army of youngsters growing up with non-Windows touchscreen tablets today. If anything, I'd criticize Microsoft for holding back on the touch support in Windows 10, which seems to be designed more for XP-style convertibles with stylus than for today's finger touch, but I digress.

My big point is, Simon Sharwood, to not act like a holier-than-thou Pope when you're resting on an ass. Write an article about why XP's design is better (and no, your one sentence on that topic wasn't enough) instead of picking on Matias' tweets, even if he is a twat.

Full disclosure: I'm an old-skool webOS fanboi. :3

Icon relevant b/c I'm tired of seeing tech authors refer to Microsoft's "mistakes" with Vista and Win8 when those were all strategic decisions. Excepting, perhaps, for the driver crashes in Vista: Those were basically unforeseen b/c MS gave their partners access to code ~1 yr before release and the driver authors at partner companies did... not enough with that information.

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