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MS absolutely Did Not Listen to it's customers when it came time to creating W10. If they HAD then the UI would have fallen back to a W7 or WXP version with the ability for the User to Choose how they wanted to use THEIR machine.

Instead we get more of the same bullshit tiles, touchy-feely Fisher Price clunkiness, a UI that still can't manage to give the User the chance to Get Shit Done, and then to add insult to injury slaps on enough privacy raping mechanisms to make Android's data slurping look playfully pleasant in comparison.

We didn't want tiles on our desktop, we didn't want Active Desktop / Live Tiles, we didn't want the Ribbon, we wanted WXP or W7's with the ability to CHOOSE how to interact with our own damn machines, NOT how MSHQ decided to force us to frustrate our ability to GSD.

I agree with you that Android's UI is crap, but trying to claim W10 was what happens when MS "listens to it's customers" is so delusional it makes me wonder if I might share in whatever your smoking in that pipe of yours. It's gotta be pretty damned good to come up with a trip of that calibre! =-D

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