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I think the EU investigation is really just a formality, particularly given what happened in Ireland and how Three fully addressed the EU's concerns, as far as they related directly and specifically to Three. Also, given that the UK CMA has already ruled on BT/EE against the backdrop of the proposed Three/O2 merger, I think they are quietly confident of the outcome.

The issues the EU CMA will need to assess with respect to the UK market is if they decide that a reduction in MNO's from four to three over two separate physical national networks is a step too far, how are they going to create conditions that will maintain or even enlarge the market, given Telefónica have made it clear they are exiting the UK market and other major EU companies such as BT, France Telecom & Deutsche Telecom have made it clear they are not interested in buying Telefónica UK. Which would mean opening the door to a bid from a non-EU company; given the current state of affairs concerning US companies, I can see valid objections being raised if one appeared out of nowhere and made a bid for Telefónica UK. So effectively the EU if they rule against the Three/O2 merger are saying they want a new entrant from the east, ie. India or China...

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