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and there hangs the problem and the government,s excuse to use its overarching powers.

Who determines who or who is not a suspect? Answer the government and its "security" agencies including the Home Office, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, The FCO, and strangely enough the creeps from the CIA who are answerable to nobody.

If in the future anyone takes issue with the government, the basis of all modern democracies, the government will use one of the oldest pieces of legislation still on the statute book, "The Defence of the Realm Act" This in many parts is similar to the US Patriot Acts 1 & 2. i.e.The power to declare ANY public meeting or demonstration illegal and arrest without warrant any individual or group of individuals that the government considers a threat or a perceived threat.

Those arrested will be held without access to legal representation and brought before a court held in camera. The presiding judge will be appointed by the Home Secretary and will pass judgement on the evidence of arrest plus any "evidence" gleaned by the security services. A disreputable and morally weak government could and probably would use this absolute power to silence any opposition, discussion or condemnation of its policies.

An example of totally non democratic control and over arching secrecy, is the Bank of England, and its secretive and shadowy "nominees" It is an offence under the Official Secrets Act to disclose, name or publish the list of "nominees" Why? because then the public would know, who really controls the government and the BOE.

Once government is no longer trusted by the electorate, it is time to remove the government. Freedom of speech is slowly being eroded, what next, freedom of thought? The diminishing freedoms that we still enjoy were never given freely by the government or its establishment friends, every single freedom had to be fought for.

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