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I object that we "all" seem to want anyone to know anything about us.

Noted, and for any offence you have my apology. However, were you from my generation or perhaps the ones before, you would understand the point I'm making. As we're speaking about generations, it is impossible to consider all the edge cases.

I am a very privacy concious person, I do not use any social media services, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. I am also an active supporter of EFF, Access, etc.

I hope you'd understand that this makes you an edge case of your generation?

I know several generation X people who are users of Facebook and don't give a darn about their privacy.. but this doesn't mean all G-X people want to use Facebook, just like not all G-Y people want to use Facebook.

Yes, there were vacuous, self obsessive, low talent dumbasses of my generation who also sought, and indeed seek, fame at any price. However, when I was young the celebrity news was confined to the showbiz page of the paper, and one or two specialist magazines. The antics of retired footballers children were not considered newsworthy. Famous for being famous wasn't really a thing.

Fame seeking afflicts your generation in a way that has never previously been considered normal. Publicising everywhere you go, whatever passes for a profound thought in your world view, and auditioning to be one of a bunch of people in a house being watched by other people in theirs.... well, generationally speaking, yours is the only one that regards that behaviour as in anyway normal, typical, or usual. And sadly, it will only get worse.

If you truly believe what you say, then in addition to my earlier apology for offence, you have my sincere best wishes, because not only are you fighting a losing battle, but when Gen X dies out, you'll probably be fighting it alone!

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