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'Govt will not pass laws to ban encryption' – Baroness Shields

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"So, expect to see UK CISA just as soon as the fuss about the US version has died down."

The reason why clowns like Bliar & Hameron don't have any rational arguments to back up their policies is that the policies they are pushing aren't their policies in the first place. There is a very well established pattern of UK governments passing laws on behalf of the US Government, I'd guess this is just another instance of that.

Making encryption redundant/useless would make it easier for GCHQ to spy on US citizens on behalf of the US Gov. The US Feds get to claim they aren't spying on their citizens, GCHQ can carry on recording & cracking everyone's private communications, and the UK voters can piss off because the British PM isn't actually working for them anyway.

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